Ed Schweiger

Ed is the Serendipity company manager and our Master Mead Maker. From maintaining bee hives to experimenting with small batches, he's involved with the mead making process from cradle-to-grave.

Julia Reedy

Julia is Serendipity's financial manager.

Gary Godsinski

Gary is our primary bee keeper. Although he retired from the Navy, he stays very busy maintaining close to 80 of our bee hives. 

Rob Fittz

Rob is our primary sales representative


Jane Schweiger

Jane is Serendipity's primary creative artist. Whether it's painting, making homemade soaps, stained glass pieces, candles, or brainstorming graphic ideas, she's always experimenting to come up with the best final product.


Samuel Sayampanathan

Sam is our primary social media/website, photographer, and digital graphics guy.